Wellbeing Yoga

A short practice for better sleep

These days, it may feel as though frustration and anxiety has become an inherent part of our every day life. Whether we’re watching the news or worrying about our families. Whether we're homeschooling or in home office which often requires managing multiple screens as well as dealing with technology issues. Many friends and students have been complaining that they can't fall asleep or stay asleep. I've made a cute lil' video of an evening practice that will help you calm and nourish your nervous system so you can sleep better.

The video is in a condensed form. Hold each of the poses from 2-5 minutes. Finish with 6 rounds of alternate nostril breathing and a short, spontaneous meditation that will naturally arise after this practice.

One more thing my friend - stay open to new ways of the new world we're living in. Look for beauty and comfort in simple things. Take care of yourself. That is more important than any productivity. You got this! p.s. Sharing really is caring. Help your colleagues, friends, and family to SLEEP BETTER by forwarding this article.

With great love, Gabriela