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Tips for the change of seasons

Some Indian summer days still here, yet we are clearly moving towards the fall. The air is crisp, colors are changing, the plants are...

Wer triggert dich?

Nur die Personen, die sich wie wir selbst, unsere Familie oder unsere Lieben verhalten, werden etwas in uns triggern. Deshalb ist es wichtig, jeden, der uns triggert, genau unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Denn es geht dabei immer um UNS! Es gibt etwas in dieser Person, das wir "sehen" und uns zu eigen machen müssen  – nämlich den Teil von uns, von dem wir uns abgekoppelt haben - unseren Schatten.

Smash the patriarchy

Was tun bei Pandemie-Erschöpfung?

A short practice for better sleep

These days, it may feel as though frustration and anxiety has become an inherent part of our every day life. Whether we’re watching...

Sleep, baby sleep

Babies really want to sleep they just don‘t know how. It‘s an acquired skill. They need to be taught how to fall asleep on their own. Not by using sleep crutches such as mama‘s boob or milk bottle, or being rocked to sleep, falling asleep in the stroller, or sleeping only in mama‘s or papa‘s arms, or only when you sing them to sleep. They need to and will develop their self-soothing skills if we give them a chance.

Feeling depleted. DO THIS.

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away and New Year's around the corner - are you feeling the end of the year overwhelm yet? ...

How to feel grounded and connected

The world feels like a pressure cooker right now. Don't you think? Lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted, yet the future seems very uncertain...

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