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Social Media Dilemma

Ist es wirklich passiert wenn du es nicht postest oder auf Instagram (facebook, tiktok) nicht siehst? Wie war das mit dem "im Moment sein"? Wenn du bemerkt hast, so wie ich neulich, dass du ein Problem ohne dein Smartphone hast oder in Instagram Bildern denkst, bist du in guter Gesellschaft -

Are you stuck in the 'social media trap'?

Did it really happen if you didn’t put it or see it on Instagram (tiktok, facebook &co.)? If you’ve noticed like I recently have that you have a problem without your smartphone and you started thinking in Instagram pictures, you’re in a good company.

International Womens' Day

I am very lucky that my family always gave me the feeling from an early age that I can do anything as a girl and a woman, that I can do any job and that I am no better or worse because of my gender.

Hug more, stress less

Honoring Mother's Energy

Mutterenergie ehren

Empowered Women

How it all began...

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