Honoring Mother's Energy

With Mother's Day approaching, we have a wonderful opportunity to honor the unconditional love and care that all mothers and feminine energies represent in our lives.

It is important to acknowledge that motherhood is not one-size-fits-all. Some may have children in a partnership, some on their own, some may not have children at all yet mother through their creativity, being an aunt, a godmother. 
May we celebrate all forms of motherhood and recognize the power in the creative cycle of feminine energy. 

Mother's Day is an occasion to honor all forms of motherhood, whether biological, spiritual, or emotional figures in our lives. It is about celebrating the love, devotion, resilience and compassion that these energies embody.

Mother's Day is not just a time for giving gifts; it is also a wonderful opportunity to deepen our connection to the universal creative energy in a meaningful, spiritual and practical way. Here are some yogic ideas on how you can celebrate Mother's Day:

1. Practice mindfulness: Take time for yourself and engage in mindfulness meditation to strengthen your connection to Mother Earth and the divine feminine aspect.

2. Express gratitude: Write a thank-you letter or poem to the most significant mother figure in your life, expressing deep gratitude for their love and support.

3. Nurturing practice: Engage in a gentle and nourishing yoga session that focuses on the heart chakra and opening the heart. Set intentions to cultivate love and compassion within yourself and others.

4. Community action: Organize a yoga class or meditation event in your community to celebrate the wisdom of feminine energy and highlight the significance of Mother's Day.

5. Share and do good: Use this opportunity to help other mothers and families in need in your community. Donate to charitable organizations that support mothers and their children. Support environmental and ecological projects - Mother Earth is the Mother of us all.

In this Mother's Day newsletter, I also want to express my respect for all the mothers in our yoga community and all of you reading this. You are inspiring role models, teaching us how to live with love and compassion. Walking the razor edge of both baking and earning bread. Taking care of the household and zoom meetings. Being strong and soft at the same time. May your spiritual practices and growth continue to support you as you fulfill your motherhood role.

Wishing you all a beautiful Mother's Day filled with love, peace, and joy!  Gabriela 💗🌸