Yoga Wellbeing

Feeling depleted. DO THIS.

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away and New Year's around the corner - are you feeling the end of the year overwhelm yet? This time of the year tends to be hectic and stressful even without the worldwide pandemic. Add another lockdown and Covid-19 numbers rising throughout the winter, it feels like we’re in a pressure cooker. We’ve been pushing ourselves hard. We’ve been doing our best to stay healthy, stay positive, reach our goals, all of while balancing the unexpected challenges of the ‘new now’. And now we're trying to make it all happen and finish off everything until the end of the year.

The pressure to keep going and then feeling there is not enough time coupled with end-of-the year exhaustion and the omnipresent virus narrative is loudly calling for you to take care of yourself. First of all, refuse to buy into not-enough-time-mentality. There is enough time!

I have put together a little yoga sequence for you that will help you relax and restore. Take the time to do several or just one pose. If you choose to do one pose take baddha konasana (pic 1) or shavasana (pic 6) and hold ideally for 20 min. The other asanas 5-10 minutes. Set a timer. If you don't have all the props, be creative, help yourself with blankets and pillows that you already have at home. Breathe slowly and deeply, and allow yourself to relax and let go.

Another 5 simple things to do in order to avoid the overwhelm, Corona Christmas blues and meltdowns at family dinners:

1. Eat well. I know it's hard during this season but please GO EASY ON SUGAR. It's all about the blood sugar balance. Don’t let all the sugar treats, especially sugar in alcoholic drinks mess with your hormones and leave you feeling tired, cranky and MORE depressed.

2. Go out for a walk in the forest, park, by your local river or wherever you can. Fresh air is good for the immunity, walking meditation calms the mind, trees, forests + bodies of water help us reconnect with our essence.

3. Oil, oil, oil. Take a bath oil with warm sesame oil or an ayurvedic abhyanga oil from your head to your toes. Every day until you feel more at ease. Then once a week. This keeps the skin from drying, keeps your joints lubricated and calms the nervous system. You will love its soothing effect.

4. Take a hot bath with a few drops of essential oils: My favorite mix is lavender & geranium oil, add Epsom salt or sea salt. Heaven!

5. Go early to bed whenever you can. There is just something magical about that sleep by 10.30pm.

photos: Felix Krammer for @yoga journal germany