How to feel grounded and connected

The world feels like a pressure cooker right now. Don't you think? Lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted, yet the future seems very uncertain. Are we safe to go out? What is this new normal? Where do we go from here? We feel motivated to start new projects. Yet we feel disoriented as so much contradictory information is coming at us every single minute. 

The brutal murder of George Floyd caused is asking us to e-examine our values, to take action. People are waking up and learning. People are also shutting down and hiding as they can’t handle the intensity of the moment. It is so much going on. 

The most important thing we can do right now is to stay grounded and show up for each other to whatever capacity we have. 

In this blog I’m sharing 4 practical steps to do exactly that.  

1. Practice standing poses. Warrior pose variations, tree pose, triangle variations are great to make you feel grounded and connected. 

2. Sit and lay on the ground. Drink your tea, take your food or read a book while sitting on the ground. If you feel an extra dose of being upset or wired lay on the ground belly down, stretch your arms over head and bring your hands in a prayer. This is a whole body pranam or prostration. It will help you feel supported by the Earth beneath you, invoke feelings of gratitude and balance your overstimulated energy centres or chakras.

3. Walk barefoot whenever you can. Ideally outside, in the forest, on the grass or on the beach.  

4. Practice loving kindness meditation: Those who regularly practice loving kindness meditation are able to increase their capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, self-acceptance just to name a few benefits.