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When you’re feeling stuck

2020 has been a year like no other. You may feel more often stuck than usually. Whatever the outer circumstances, when we feel stuck we are always being asked to look inward, not only outward. It is a call to find the places in ourselves where we are resisting the flow of life by trying to control or manipulate situations, relationships, outcomes of our actions. 

So how do you "unstuck yourself"? 

1. First of all, acknowledge you're stuck. Acknowledge also your resistance to being stuck.

2. Do not try to get out of it. "Trying" to get out of it brings more "stuckness". As well as judging yourself for not being able to get out of it. 

3. Allow yourself to feel the fullness of whatever is happening in that moment: the pain, anger, anxiety, depression, fear. In the fullness of that moment is the seed of change. If you go away from it, and try not to feel it or give it space - it will get worse. An aversion will stay. What you resist - persists. So sit with it consciously for some time. It's a meditation.

4. Ask yourself where are you praying for a certain outcome and not praying for higher good? Often we pretend we're ok with the way of the Universe, but can't let go of our own agenda. Instead of pushing to have it "your way" consider the bigger picture and look at it from a different perspective.

 5. Pick up a book, a card, read a verse from the Yoga Sutra, or whatever your favourite uplifting literature is, chant a mantra. Breathe. Move. Allow the inspiration to touch you. This may be hard as that "stuckness" is so heavy on your mind. You may not even understand the words you're reading. Do it a few more times. Do not push away the uncomfortable feelings. Befriend them. Again, allow that inspiration to touch you. To sink in.

Be gentle with yourself. Without minimising your feelings, remind yourself that this too shall pass.


you are the blue sky, everything else is just the weather.